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    Does it even possible to make an online as2 game?


      I've made everything to make my flash as2 client game work online

      *Made a java server (Sockets)

      *Made a connection between the client and server

      Working on LAN perfectly.

      *Made a policy server this way:

      http://socketpolicyfile.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Installation%20Guide&referringTitle=Ho me

      *opened port 843 for the policy server

      -Edited the file and allowed the www.domain.com/thegame.swf on the specific port.

      Made flash client to get the policy file by adding a line of code:


      Launching the game from allowed website and it just doesn't connect to the server...

      What do I do wrong? I am already working on this game about a month and can't get it to work online...