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    Ae CS6 unstartable "quicktime not installed" dynamiclink problem…


      hello !

      Does any one know how to succed in installing Ae CS6 when you meet this problems :


      the launching takes a very long time

      then I have this message QuickTime is not installed on this computer

      I have a single choice in the window : YES…


      Then a llong time again…

      and this message just before it crashs :


      Alert After Effects


      <140735255992672> <DynamicLink> <5> /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/dynamiclink/CS6/dynamiclinkmanager.app



      generating crash log

      I'd try two time to desinstall and reinstall with AAM

      whitout benefit…

      a Ae CS5,5 is running perfectly actually on my computer

      I have a MacPro whith almost the same configuration and I succeed installing Ae CS6

      without desinstalling 5,5 (I have to keep it for any clients with lower configaration)

      thank you for your help