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    Mixing video from different cameras



         I have started a project in PrE 9 of my granddaughter with presets of HD 1080i. My main camera is a Panasonic HDC-TM900 and the M2ts video from the camera imports perfectly into the project. The main video shoot is upcoming, and I would like to use 2 cams for that. However, at the present time, the only other HD cam I can find to use is a Canon EOS Rebel t2i. I know not to import that video directly into the project... but what are my options? Can I create a new project with the preset of DSLR 1080p30, then export (share) as, say, MPEG that I can then import into the original HD 1080i project? Any help would be appreciated, as I will have only one shot at capturing this. If a workaround just isn't possible, then I'll need to scramble to find another camera.