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    text area

    syednoorullah92 Level 1

      i am wanting to add to input text area .for example there three text are A B C ,A&B are input text area and C is dynamic Text area now the A is in frame 1 and B & C are in frame 2 now i want to add A and B and the result should display in the C when any one clicks on a button in frame 2. What can i do for it. i used this code for the button but it does not work

      on (release) {

                C.text =A.text-(-B.text);


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          assuming you mean textfield, not textarea, and assuming A does not exist in frame 2, you need to store the input text from A in a variable (et, textA_var before moving to frame 2) and when text input in B is complete, you can use:


          C.text = textA_var+"\n"+B.text;  // where "\n" is a carriage return between the A.text and B.text