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    Time Ruler Problem


      Every time I use the current time indicator to scroll through the time line it doesn't show the every frame, instead it just skips all the frames and just show the one that I stopped at.


      I used to be able to scroll through my footage and see every frame but then when I was adding the shatter effect this pop up showed up asking if I wanted to do something that would help with keep the ram fast. I accidently clicked yes and ever since then my time ruler wont show all the frames when I scroll though it with my Current time indicator.


      The same thing happens when I am moving the position of pictures. When I click on the image and drag it all I get is a dotted outline of the image rather than the full image.


      If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. This is really bothersome especially when I am trying to pin point a specific area. Thanks!