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    Install query


      Hi all


      this is my first post so sorry if its in the wrong place.


      Can someone please help me... i have installed Adobe Digital editions on my machine, however each user is prompted with the authorziation screens when they launch the application for the first time.


      Is there any way to stop this from happening as i do not want to authorzie the computer!


      Any advise would be great



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          If you did not register with Adobe before you downloaded and installed

          Digital Editions, it will ask you for yor ID.....  That's what it sounds

          like from your message.  If you did not register with Adobe first, you can

          go back and do that, then reinstall Digital Editions.


          One copy of Digital Editions can be used by more than one person if each

          one has registered with Adobe and obtained his or her ID.  You use a

          combination of control (Windows) or command (Mac) and other keys to

          deauthorize one user and then authorize the other.  The details are in the

          HELP section of Digital Editions (the F1 key from Library view).  Keep in

          mind that information about users is embedded in each ebook that a user

          downloads.  You will not be able to share ebooks.


          Hope this helps!