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    Fireworks CS6 - Beachball of death on Startup


      Hi All,


      When launching Fireworks CS6 (Mac version OS X 10.7.4), it loads one of the last used documents (a small jpg) and then hangs. This means I have to force quit.


      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, repairing permissions etc, to no avail.


      Anybody experienced similar or has and idea what I can do to fix it?





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          groove25 Level 4

          This thread discussed the same issue:




          Ignore the extended crash report and scroll down to the replies. There were a couple ideas suggested here, as well as some links, but I don't know whether any of them were effective.


          I feel like this issue has come up before. If the above thread doesn't help, try Googling the problem. These forums are referenced in Google, so if you can get the right combination of keywords, you might find another post with a better solution. (It's also often a good idea to look in the "More Like This" section on the right-hand column of the forum interface to find similar threads.)


          It seems like there should be a keystroke combination that would force Fireworks (or any application?) to start without opening the last used document.


          Let us know what you find!

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