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    Don't force selected clip to the top

    Floyd King Level 1


      If you do this:

      Record a punch in on an existing clip.

      Click on the original clip (maybe to select another area to punch in)

      The original clip now hides the punch in.


      This makes extra work because you have to come up with a work-around such

      as cutting the punched section out of the original clip so the punched clip is the only

      one occupying that space on the track or

      I have to keep sending the original to the back or

      I have to use a seperate track for punching.


      I would prefer that when you click on a clip it does not force that clip

      to the top if it is not already at the top. or

      Have a way to merge the punch into the original clip. or

      If you bounce to new track and the original track is mono, bounce to a new mono track.


      Hope that is enough info.  The short version of my request is:

      Audition - don't change the stacking of clips on a track.  let me decide.


      Thank you.