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    Best way to warp stabilize between premiere cs6 and AE cs6

    ALK1974 Level 1

      I have a sequence with many clips, some with different speed (warp stabilizer doesn't work with speed in premiere CS6) whats the best way to stabilize these videos that are in different speeds?


      Another question, in CS 5.5 I used the warp stabilizer in 1080P clips on a 720p composition (with fit to composition) this way I warp stabilizer could zoom/crop the video without loosing quality. Now premiere CS6 has warp stabilizer but I can use a 720P sequence with a 1080p video, warp stabilizer won't accept it.So whats the best way to do this in premiere CS6? (to get 1080p video stabilized in 720p sequence) or I can just stabilize in 1080p and export the final video to 720p and I will have the same quality?