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    Odd Font Kerning Problem


      Problem with type kerning in ID CS5 and CS5.5 on Mac 10.6.8 and Mac 10.7.2 using either Suitcase Fusion 3 or Font Book. All our workstations exhibit same behavior.


      Activate fonts, launch ID and open document and kerning is correct.

      Close document, deactivate fonts, reactivate fonts reopen document and kerning is incorrect.

      Kerning will remain incorrect until ID is closed and relaunched.

      After relaunching ID kerning is good again until fonts are deactivated/reactivated.

      Our workaround is to always restart ID before working on a new document.

      Otherwise going from job to job to job, deactivating and reactivating fonts leads to kern problems that are not always easily seen.


      Has anyone noticed this as well? Any known fixes?

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          rjewer Level 1

          One other thing I just noticed. If I open the file and the kern of the fonts is incorrect, I can deactivate the fonts and then reactivate them while the file is open. After reactivating the fonts they come back in correct. Just have to make sure the open file is aware of the deactivating by clicking on the file and the missing fonts window will open..

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            Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

            This sounds like InDesign is having an issue with loading the kerning tables from your management application. I would advise checking their support service for help on this as it might be a common issue.