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    New crop tool in CS 6 not an improvement

    Clark Kenyon Level 1

      I'd like to add my comments to the unpopularity of the new improved crop tool in CS 6. It seems it is no longer possible to set a custom aspect ratio of less than an inch. If I want to crop the spine of a book out of a 2D layout for use in an action to make a 3D image, I have to do it freehand. If the spine is less than an inch wide and I try to set the width of the crop to that amount I get an error message saying "A value between 1.000 and 300000.00 is required." I admit the 30000 inches is very generous, but why limit the minimum to 1 inch? Unless I'm missing something. They say the new Photoshop crop tool now funtions like Lightroom. I would prefer it funtion like Photoshop.

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