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    Selecting hyperlink hangs InDesign

    pathblaster Level 1

      I am  having problems with editing some hyperlinks (URL links) in an InDesign document. If I try to select it to edit it (acutally, several of them), then I get the spinning beachball, and InDesign is unresponsive for an indefinite and long period of time. It can take me several minutes to get InDesign back, if I click out of the text frame and wait.


      All I have to do is click on or near the word that contains the hyperlink for it to start the unresponsive behavior. And when the hang is over, the URL field in hyperlink panel is grayed out.


      Any ideas how I could get the ability to edit the hyperlinks back?


      I am on a 27 inch 2 Core Duo iMac with 16 Gb of memory, so I don't think computer performance is the issue. I just edited the hyperlinks in a couple of other documents without a problem.