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    Clips not Edited when Importing Premiere project

    cramhead1 Level 1

      HI thanks for looking

      I've edited some footage (lets call it Cheer1) into about 15 small, 10 second clips

      In Premiere CS5.5 I put "Cheer1" onto the timeline and made the cuts required. I then put the cuts I wanted to use into a folder in the library and name them C1, C2 etc.

      I import all of the Premiere project into After effects 5.5

      When I try drag a clip (eg C1) into the sequence it uses the whole length of the footage and not the 10 second edit I made in Premiere.


      I've tried ungrouping, unlinking and regrouping etc but I cant figure out when AE is putting the entire footage onto the timeline when I've made cuts in Premiere


      thanks for you time and help