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    Indexing a Book


      Has anyone ever tried indexing a book only via scripting?  When I:


      1. Set the App index options to include book documents
      2. Create a new document to hold the index and set that document's index options to include book documents
      3. Generate an index using the new document, placing it on the first page with the index creating new pages as it goes...


      The index is empty.  If I open the last document of the book, add a new page, set the App and that document's index options to include book document, then generate an index on the last page, it only includes index entries for that document.


      Is this a known issue?  I'm having a heck of a time trying to get this to work.  I've tried importing Topics from all of the documents in the book, to no avail.  Can someone please help me out or point me in the right direction?



      - Brett


      PS: Forgot to mention, I can get this to work in InDesign 5.5 via the UI, but since this is supposed to run Server, I don't have access to the UI.