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    Scale changes when parent changes


      Hey guys,


      I am currently following this tutorial: http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorial/earth_zoom/


      With my own images of course. The only difference, is that I am using png images where this tutorial uses psd. I don't know if that is the reason behind this problem but I thought I'd rather ask, than create another 8 fairly high-res images.


      At about 6:40 the tutorial says to unbind all parent link. When I do that, my scale goes to 0.0% for 6 of my layers. This shouldn't happen, because when it does and I relink them to layer 1, which the tutorial says to do a little later, I can only see the top layer. I've followed it word for word, I just can't see where I'm going wrong?


      P.S. I'm using AE CS6


      EDIT: I've just re-created it all, what is meant to happen from what I can fathom:


      Everything has been aligned and has it's own scale, once the parent changes, it takes the form of something else, thus changing the scale completely, once they are all linked to Layer 1 which is currently at 0.0% on it's "Scale", I switch this scale to 100%. Nothing changes from there on. In the video you can clearly see the other layers scales change accordingly. Is this a .psd thing?