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    InDesign CS5.5 in Windows 7 won't display all fonts

    DJ Holt

      Hi All,


      I need help with Fonts. Just had my computer updated w/ OS Window 7. Using Adobe products: ID CS5.5, AI, PSD, Acrobat.

      Anyway, yep, having issues with my old Type 1 fonts. TT and OTF, most of them installed and display properly. However, all the fonts that I have been using for years, dumped out. I went to the Web to search info in Microsoft Office, etc., used some advice regarding pasting the T1 fonts to Program filesx86…, and it did help with making some of fonts display properly, but not all of them. OTF Arial is giving me problems. Futura family and the Swiss family not showing properly.

      Please is there an Adobe plugin or download to fix this problem? AI and PSD display the fonts. It's ID CS5.5 that is holding out and not displaying all my fonts.


      Thank you for some advice,

      DJ Holt