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    Stroking a graphic; offsetting the stroke

    dme.212 Level 1

      Adding a 2pt stroke around a graphic is easy; but how could I add a 2pt stroke that's offset by 0.5pt or how could I add a second stroke that 2 inches from the graphic?


      Could I add three, four, or more, strokes to a graphic frame?



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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          InDesign can't. Illustrator on the other hand can, so if this is more than just an ornamental frame, try that instead.


          You can fake an offset stroke by creating a custom double stroke, with a width of the actual stroke plus the offset in points. Set the black part to the correct percentage, relative to the entire width, and you're done. In your case, you'd make a black part of (2 pt + 0.5 pt offset) = 80%, and set the total width to 2.5 pt.


          Something similar can be done for more strokes, but somehow I'm sensing you are going to ask for more colors. That's a definitive No.


          You can try if a 2" offset is doable the way I described, but getting the right percentages could be tricky for a 2 pt thick stroke at a distance of 144 pts.