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    Finding the right HEX colour for a Pantone


      I'm trying to match a HEX colour to Pantone 369C. I've set my colour model in Bridge to Europe Web/Interent 2. Every time I convert the colour from Pantone to RGB the colour is way too bright. I'm not really after the exact colour match, more what looks better on the screen.


      If I start in Ai with a pantone swatch then convert to RGB everything looks good.

      If I open the Ai document in Ps it looks good.

      If I select the pantone swatch in Ps colour picker it looks wrong.


      Converting the pantone to RGB gets: 116, 175, 38 > #74af26  however it looks wrong in Dw

      I'm using the sRGB colour space [as defined by my Br settings] and I'm exporting for web without colour management. The colour conversion in both Ps and Ai work out to be roughly the same, only 1 or 2 shades different, not the radical change you get when selecting the swatch in Ps


      So my question really is, failing just tweeking the colour breakdown myself, is there some way I can get the right HEX colour to match what I see in Ai? See the attached image for example.


      Screen Shot 2012-06-15 at 11.02.14 AM.png


      Thanks in advance.

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          Gernot Hoffmann Level 3



          please compare your values ?RGB = 116 / 175 / 38 for 369C:



          Lab:    60.5 / -44.2 / 60.4

          sRGB: 80 / 164 / 0

          aRGB: 112 / 163 / 38   aRGB=AdobeRGB(1998)


          Photoshop CS2:


          Lab:    61 / -45 / 61

          sRGB: 79 / 166 / 0

          aRGB: 112 / 164 / 38


          Your RGB values are nearer to aRGB (but still different), and then

          it's highly doubtful why these should be expressed by Hex-numbers,

          because Hex is used only in HTML. It cannot be expected that

          browsers will interprete these numbers correctly.


          Considering the same appearance in different applications:

          This requires

          a) a calibrated monitor

          b) correct color space settings

          c) applications which use color management (like Adobe CS#)


          Finally one can observe that the sRGB values contain B=0.

          This indicates, that the Lab values cannot be converted to sRGB

          without clipping.


          Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann


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