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    PLEASE HELP:File Might Be Corrupted/Deleted




      I was working on an animation and auto-save kept on popping up with the words "unable to load memory, file might be damaged" or something like "unable to save, move to other path or rename file". Since it wouldnt save, and I had a lot of work done, I thought to just make a save as copy in another folder.


      Once I closed the document...all my stuff was gone! and the only thing that would show up was a pop-up that says "unexpected file format".


      I want to believe that the document is all still intact..but the MB number before this was around 5.1, and now it says 1.7MB.


      This is really really depressing me. I've been working so hard on this for over a month, and put so much of myself into it.


      Is there anyway possible to recover my file?


      The copies have nothing in them, just a compiler message that says "unable to load scene into memory, document may be damaged".