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    remote files not displaying

      I'm trying to delete a site I created a couple of years ago that I don't need anymore.

      When I connect to the site through Dreamweaver, the Remote Site panel only displays the two top-level folders but none of the files or subfolders within them, which appear on the live site. When I click to expand the folders I get the message "An error occurred - cannot get folder information 550 UNIX [folder name]: no such directory". I've tried deleting all the files on my local site then synchronising (with 'Delete remote files not on local server' selected) but the files are still there on the live site. I can upload new versions of the live files and I can upload new files but I can't delete anything and I can't Get files from the remote site.

      I've contacted my service provider but they only send me standard instructions - nothing that will solve what must be a bug, either in Dreamweaver or on my server - I don't know which.

      Hope someone out there can see what's going on!