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    [Announcement] Directorforum.com launched

    Martin Schaefer Level 1
      Hi folks,

      after 5 years of running the german Director User Group
      on www.directorforum.de we decided to launch the english
      site http://www.directorforum.com yesterday.

      I've been thinking a while about how to get Director a bit
      more into public attention. I strongly believe that we all
      can get a lot of this done on our own by aggregating information
      in one place ... and show the best of what can be done with
      Director / Shockwave.

      Directorforum.com is a strong community forum system with a bunch
      of features waiting to be used. Apart from being a forum, the
      first strong additional feature is its ability to collect the
      newest information from the world of Director via RSS-Feeds,
      Usenet or mailing lists.
      If you visit www.directorforum.com, you'll see a Direct-L section
      where the mailing list is mirrored (as from now on). You will also
      see a "Director RSS Feeds" section, where all Director related
      Blogs and Feeds from Adobe, MXNA and Valentina Xtra are aggregated.
      You know other sources to be aggregated there?
      Let me know, I'll add it.
      This is a great way for Xtras developers to keep the community up
      to date. Create your own Blog or Newsfeed and pass me the URL.
      It's that easy. :)

      What else?
      Directorforum is an official Adobe User Group and it is a
      non-profit project run by me. Why do I note that here?
      Because the website is mine, I can decide what is possible
      and what isn't.
      One of my decissions is, that I will give the large region
      where you currently see this lame sky to anybody who wants
      to promote his Director work, his new Xtra, his newest game
      for free. Yes folks. It's for FREE. Advertise yourself and
      Shockwave/Director. You want to create a banner? You want
      to provide a video? Any other ideas to show your stuff?
      Just let me know. Everything is possible.
      And ... don't miss the Director Showroom.
      Any of you can get mentioned there, and it doesn't cost
      you a cent. It's just about collecting compelling content
      and showing it to the public.

      And now?
      Feel free to visit http://www.directorforum.com and register to get
      write access. Let me know, what you think. Share your ideas
      for improvements. :)