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    Putting my scripts in a menu

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      Hi all,


      From the very limted info in the FrameMaker Scripting Guide, I have not yet been able to figure out how to make my scripts callable via a menu. I can add the menus, but when the commands are selected nothing happens. The example in the docs show a callback function Command that supposedly picks up the command number and can then call a script. But how and where should that function be activated to become effective ? There is no info on this in the Guide other than referring to the equivalent API function in the FDK. But that does not help scripters, does it ?


      Anyone ?


      Thanks in advance for useful pointers to info, working example scripts, etc.




      P.S.: I do have the FDK documentation, which is slightly more elaborate. But I cannot find the method to define and intialize a client that FM knows about and can call back. No full examples in the documentation, unfortunately.

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          4everJang Level 3

          By combining little snippets of information and running some tests, I figured out what the right method is, and it turned out to be really simple: you move the script binary (not sure if it has to be a binary, could also work with the uncompiled script) into the startup directory in the FM program folder. It gets executed by FM automatically. This seems to be a crucial piece of info that I would expect at the end of the page where an example of creating commands in menus and defining a callback is explained.