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    Html displays blank in AIR3.X?


      I have a problem while using Html compents in AIR .Some websites displays blank.


      the code:

      <mx:HTML id="html"  location="http://car.bitauto.com/rongweir95/koubei/"

          locationChange="htmlLocationChange()" htmlRender="htmlLocationComplete()"  htmlDOMInitialize="html_htmlDOMInitializeHandler(event)"

          width="100%" height="100%" complete="com(event)" uncaughtScriptException="html_uncaughtScriptExceptionHandler(event)"



      does anyone have the same question,or anyone have the way to solve it?


      ps:other websites,such as "http://car.bitauto.com/rongweir95/youhao/",can display correctly,

      and if i save "http://car.bitauto.com/rongweir95/koubei/" to the localhost,it works well.