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    Buttons not working - InDesign (CS4) Interactive Pdf


      I've been creating an interactive pdf document for a client over the last few months.


      Initially, this was going to be a 70 page document, with limited interactivity (some forwards and back buttons etc.).


      Now, this has grown and is a 220 page document, with rollover buttons that reveal other buttons layered on top of each other, various menus to navigate back and forth through the document, masses of content, images, bookmarks etc! And, I'm experiencing problems with buttons/ links now working when the pdf is exported.


      Some of the buttons that don't work on exporting pdf, in the inDesign file appear to be set up in the correct way, I have even rebuilt some of them still with no luck on exporting them.


      Is the document now too big and too complex to work??


      If anyone at Adobe could give me some of their expert advice that would be much appreciated as myself and colleagues are now out of ideas!


      Many thanks!