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    Background rollouts in CQ5.5

    Igor Sechyn Level 1

      Dear all,


      I am currently trying to get behind the execution of a rollout task as a background task. The official cq5 documentation states, that the rollout task is splitted into jobs. As far as I understand, following process takes place, when submitting the rollout task as a background job:


      - the request gets an additional parameter "sling:bg=true", which is then checked in the BackgroundServletStarterFilter

      - the BackgroundServletStarterFilter wrapps the original request and response, alongside the requestProcessor into a BackgroundRequestExecutionJob, which is then submitted to the execution engine

      - the execution engine is using the threadpoolexecutor to run the jobs


      So it seems to me here, that the rollout task is executed as a single job and that there is no splitting taking place.


      Am I missing something? Is there another hook, which actually splits one rollout tasks into several jobs?


      Thanks and regards,