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    Can't find Mercalli Pro's window

    DemonstrateThat23 Level 1

      So I downloaded a trial of Mercalli Pro to fix a few parts of this project, and I'm having a kind of stupid issue.


      When I apply the plugin, it shows up in the effects control panel, but has no options and no buttons other than the FX on/off and the reset button.


      Looking at tutorials and videos, it seems that the interface window should pop up immediately, and be later accessible by an extra button in the effects control panel.



      What am I missing here?


      P.S. My workspace arrangement is more or less the default CS6 layout.

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          Alan Craven Level 4

          To the right of the row for Mercalli in the effects control window there is a small arrow pointing tp the right.  this points at what looks like a miniature window.  click on this and the Mercalli dialogue box window will open.


          the dialogue box should open immediately when you first drag the effect onto your clip.  after that you should do as the first paragraph.


          If you are using Premiere Pro CS6, you need the latest service update to Mercalli from the ProDad web-site