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    Hiding Applications

    Garreth Curran Level 1

      I'm not sure if this is the correct area of the forum.


      I have a PDF that is launched within Workspace.  However, I only want one group of people to see the card that launches the PDF.


      I have set up a two domains ('Authorised Users' and 'Not Authorised Users') to separate the users that should have access and those that should not.  I have also added the principle for 'Authorised Users' to the service and set INVOKE_PERM.


      The 'Not Authorised Users' can still see the category, card and when they click it they get an error in the custom render.  "An error occurred creating the form (task 2324, form 0). (ALC-WKS-007-040)".  I don't even want them getting as far as the custom render.


      Is there any way to do either of the following?

      1. Hide the card so they can not click it; or,
      2. Return a message in place of the error specifing that they are not permitted to use the PDF?


      Thank you in advance,