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    Sequence presets won't show


      I only have presets for DV and DVCPRO video showing up when I try to start a new project in Premiere Pro CS6. I have the content downloaded and unzipped, and I see the presets in:


      Drive:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/Settings/SequencePresets/


      As far as I can tell, everything's there ... AVCHD is the one I need, and it won't show up as a preset option in Premiere Pro. None of them do. Without the preset, I can get the video to show up in a DV sequence preset but there's no audio.


      I saw where someone in another post suggested starting a new sequence, closing out and restarting in order to get them to load, but that didn't work. Should they be in another directory in order for Premiere to see them? The Premiere executable is in that Premiere Pro CS6 folder, so I would assume they're in the right place.


      I have the Adobe Master Collection CS6 upgrade from CS5.5. Running on Win7.