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    Smooth integration with Photoshop and Fireworks

    al j

      Although Fireworks CS6 and Photoshop CS6 advertise 'Smooth integration with Photoshop and Fireworks' you still can't export a fireworks file with a group and or a symbol and keep there editability. This means you have to braek apart all your symbols and then ungroup all your groups and hopefully not upset your effects before exporting a PSD. Astounding that they still have not resolved over the last few realeases.

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          groove25 Level 4

          That does sound annoying. Out of curiosity, what's your motivation for a Fireworks-to-Photoshop workflow? (And are you using Save As > Photoshop PSD to export?)


          Aaron Beall has a command set for groups that includes "Ungroup with Effects". This might be a small help in dealing with one of the issues you mentioned.



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            al j Level 1

            The reason for the workflow was to allow the creative team to use either Photoshop or Fireworks in the future with the idea of moving towards Fireworks because I have alwyas thought it to be twice as fast to work with.


            Yes Save As > Photoshop PSD to export. Give it a try its simple just make a group of objects and a symbol in a page and Save As > Photoshop PSD to export.


            You are right Aaron does have a good extension along with John Dunning. Aaron previously suggested this process which helps but would have been nice for adobe to deliver on their promise:


            Group to Sublayer only works on groups, but you should be able to use the built-in menu action Modify > Symbol > Break Apart on multiple selected symbols. So, between that, you could:
            1. Select All
            2. Break Apart (this converts symbol instances to groups)
            3. Re-Select All (might not be necessary, just for good measure)
            4. Group to Sublayer
            And that would do what you want (on the current page and state only.) After doing it once, you can select those steps in the History panel and save as a user command.

            Note that groups and symbol instances can have opacity/blendmode/filters, while layers cannot, so if those styles are in use they may be dropped during conversion. I usually convert stuff selectively because of this.

            You can see our convesration here:


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              groove25 Level 4

              Yeah, I think the only thing I would add to Aaron's suggestion is to take advantage of his "Ungroup with Effects" (perhaps followed by "Selection to Sublayer") when dealing with groups that have effects applied to them—unless his Group to Sublayer command already handles this.


              I suppose in an ideal world, when converting from Fireworks to Photoshop, Layers would get mapped to Groups, Sublayers would get mapped to sub-Groups, Symbols would get mapped to Smart Objects, and Groups would get mapped to... sub-Groups, as well?