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    saving a file in CS6 idiosyncracies

    robirdman1 Level 1

      Upgraded from CS4:

      If I open a previously worked tiff file in CS6, and make some changes, instead of being able to click Control-S as before, and have it just save, now it comes up as save as, and I have to click 3 time,s as it asks if I want to overwrite it and have the same compression. 

      And if I just modify and press alt-control-W - which would ask if I wanted to save and if I chose yes, it would just save it, now it would default to save a tiff as a psd instead.  Is this all necessary, all these extra steps?


      Also if I have a group of images open, that I may or may not modify, and use the alt-control-W to close all when done, with CS4 it would stop on the unmodified image and ask if I want to save it.  Now if there are unmodified ones, it asks this, but it doesn't stop to show that image, remaining instead on a different image, so I must look at the file name, which for me is usually just a number and name, that I do not have memorized for each similar image.  So I might choose yes close, thinking it is one I am done with when it really isn't.

      This is all such a step down in efficiency.  Is there some preference to go back to the more sensible way?