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    .mov loses audio sync


      Hi. This is getting frustrating. I am doing a multi-camera edit. It's going well, but I am having some issues. Working with 4 different cameras thus 4 different formats. Two are avi - one HD one SD. One is an .mtc and the last are .mov. These were shot on a canon D60 and look great, but for some readon they drift out of time and I have to do numerous edits pushing the clips ahead to stay in sync. My audio file is my time line.  The other files don't do this. So, for instance, I edit a .mov clip into place, say 1.5 minutes long. If I play the beginning of the clip - synced perfectly - check the end of the clip and it is out of sync. I have to go in and cut at least once or twice.  What a HUGE waste of time.


      Any ideas?