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    Slow performance with CS6


      After effects (and Premiere) are both virtually unusable for me after installing CS6.


      I never had much of a performance problem before this upgrade.  I have a Windows 7 setup, with 8 GB ram, 2.4 ghz Quad Core processors, plenty of disk space, running off local disk drives.  I've tried optimizing my registry and running only one program.  Also I've turned off Multi Processing and Auto Save.  Rendering is also half as fast as it was in CS5.5


      But, whenever I make a change on the screen to a graphic or a setting, it takes anywhere from 30 sec to 1 minute to update the screen.  Sometimes I get this strobing effect where the AE screen strobes off and on and I see the desktop, about 20 times per second.  This will usually stop if I click on the menu bar a few times.  But not always.


      Any suggestions are welcome!  I've got work to do!