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    Authorizing computer/laptop both have different authorizations - How do I change this?


      I have a problem. Originally I used ADE for my Sony e-reader. But than Sony had its own software which I used for a while. Because they changed that programme, which gave me a lot of trouble I recently went back to ADE, but now I have problems with downloading books. Each time I get the message:


      Originally in Dutch so I do not know if the translation is correct:

      Error in asking for licence: communicationproblem with licenceserver e_lic_already_fulfilled_by_another_user


      I used an old e-mail address for computer authorisation. This does not exist anymore but my pc still mentions this a authorisation code, but for some reason my laptop uses another ID. I have no idea how to change it. Because both give errors and I cannot download any book.


      Please help. How do I change the authorisation code to one and the same. At least I hope that this ends my troubles.