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    Preventing FB from creating "shadow" Class files

    Amy Blankenship Level 4

      Hi, all;


      I have pointed Flash Builder at a Flash xfl file to create a Flash Pro Project.


      my workspace is at




      the xfl is at




      For some reason, Flash Builder has created a directory at leda/SCG/PlatformTest which it is calling bin-debug. That wouldn't be such an issue, but what is happening is that it is creating a copy there, so every error or warning has two copies. 


      If I double-click an error, I may get a file I can edit (well, I can edit either, but only one of them will have an actual effect), or I may get the "shadow" version. In addition, when I am running the program in debug mode and want to stop and fix a problem I see, I can't just do it right from the file I am stepping through, since this is always the "shadow" version.


      I can fix this for a few minutes by going into the build path and setting the output folder to the same directory I am working in, but it always comes back when I am not looking. I don't understand why FB has to create these files. When I work on a Flex project, it does not dump the as files to the bin-debug directory. Is this happening because I am working on a Flash Pro project, or is there some other difference I am not seeing? More importantly, how do I fix it?