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    Captivate 6 HTML5 workarounds

    MarionJD Level 1

      So...I've downloaded Captivate 6, and I'm blown away by how well it publishes to Flash and HTML5 in the same course.  It works great in our tests on the LMS this morning!


      Except...there are things that don't work on an iPad.  Right mouse clicks, for instance - a normal app might be programmed to accept a double-click instead, but how do you handle it in Flash?  And mouse-overs?


      Since some people here have been working with the beta - are there any brilliant suggestions?

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          AndyKingInOC Level 4

          so I understand... I don't own one, or even a smartphone.. 


          Iit's a limitation of the hardware, not the HTML5, correct?



          We had some similar concerns here when we adopted salesforce.com and our sales people were using iPads as their primary presentation device.  At the time, salesforce.com wasn't optimized for tablets (not sure if it is now) and it has lots of mouse-overs, so we had to specify to them that not everything would work on their tablets. 


          Since the training emulated the system, we made a command decision to develop the training for laptop/desktop only.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there


            I didn't think iPad used mice? If not, doesn't that sort of render "right-click" a totally moot point?


            Sorry, but I'm a PC and not wealthy enough to afford that kind of toy yet, so I'm at a total loss as to how they work in the real world.


            Cheers... Rick


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              renovator99 Level 1


              In captivate 6 if you choose to publish to html5 , you get a warning that certain items are not supported and that you should check cp6-> window-> html5 tracker.

              When you do this you get a list of items not supported, but its not mentioned in help how to fix them. Some of them seem to be non mouse supported items, but others such as widgets and back buttons I woudl have expected to be supported.

              Similarly in the publish setting under advanced  there is "scalable html content" tick box but it is not mentioned what it does.


              I think it is unlikely that Cp6 will support  the full range of experiences such as multi gestures.  For those without ipads here is a user experience document from Apple.

              https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/MobileHIG /UEBestPractices/UEBestPractices.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40006556-CH20-SW1


              regards Paul



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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi there


                If the Scalable option is selected when you publish, the Captivate SWF will scale to fit the browser as shown below:




                And if it's NOT selected, the Captivate SWF remains the same size as you set during project creation and the browser presents scroll bars the user has to use to see the whole presentation:




                Cheers... Rick


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                  renovator99 Level 1


                  Tammy Moore posted her investigation this on the adobe captivate facebook site.

                  "OK, it didn't take very long to check out what worked for HTML5 and also swf publishing options thanks to the HTML5 Tracker built in to Captivate 5-

                  audio and video (cannot be swf-based though, MP4 is fine)

                  text caption

                  click box

                  Highlight boxes

                  Zoom areas

                  buttons (though perhaps just the simple click ones, not the hover state)

                  All the effects that you add using the right lcik work (basoc, color effects, emphasis, entrance, exit, filters, and motion path)

                  insert mouse

                  Smart Shapes (shapes in the library are now much more diverse than the original circle, square, and polygon)

                  Text entry box

                  and of course the new interactions


                  WARNING, THESE DON'T WORK IN HTML5:

                  Rollover slidelets (hover-based action which cannot be done with the touch actions on an iPad)

                  Rollover captions (hover-based action which cannot be done with the touch actions on an iPad)

                  swf animation-based actions such as text animations, hotspots


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                    Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    This is certainly not complete, and has the same information as in the Help.

                    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/captivate/cp/using/WS16484b78be4e1542-74219321367c91074e-8000. html


                    What is missing in this help page is a warning about Effects: not all effects are supported in HTML5, only the motion effects will work properly but not effects like in the category Filters.


                    Some minor other things, perhaps I'll list them up on my blog.



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                      MarionJD Level 1

                      Thanks so much, everyone, for the quick feedback.  The lists of what works and doesn't work are great.  And thanks for the note about the Scalable Content, Paul and Rick.  I hadn't noticed that yet, and it will be very useful.


                      I realized that certain features didn't work because of the limitations of the touch screen.  Because you can publish the same project into the same SCORM zip as both .swf and html5, we need a solution that works for both.  It seems the best method is simply to add a warning that not all features will work - and not to use it for scorable assessments! :-)


                      Thanks again,



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                        Avinash Agrawal Level 1

                        Hi renovator99,


                        The list for supported and non supported HTML5 objects/feature/ slides was helpful , just wanted to add n update few things:


                        <Supported Items HTML5>:


                        • Button Hover state is supported (Text and Image Buttons)
                        • In Text Animaiton only "typing text" and "typing text with sound" is supported, also gif animations are supported in HTML5.


                        <NonSupported Items HTML5>


                        •   Borders are not supported in HTML5.
                        • Under effects, following effects are not supported : Basic, Color Effects, Emphasis, Filters



                        Under Entrance and Exit only Fly in  Ease in and Fly out and Ease out are supported rest are not suported.


                        Also Scalable option works for captivate HTML5 as well.




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                          Escanaba1964 Level 1

                          Great information. Has anyone been succesful publishing a project that contains an MP4 video to html5. Everything in my project works fine on my iPad, except the video slide. It stays on screen for the correct amount of time but nothing appears. I tried setting the Action to Show the slide video, but that does not work either.

                          The HTML5 Tracker does not list any items as unsupported.


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                            MarionJD Level 1

                            This Scalable option got us into trouble - it fitted the whole screen on an iPad, which was nice - the user didn't have to scroll.  But on an iPhone, it meant the whole screen showed teeny-tiny, and the user couldn't use their fingers to zoom it.


                            So we turned it off again.

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                              aliiii123 Level 1

                              Hello all,


                              This is a very helpful post.  I just tried the multicreen published file outside of an LMS and it works great.  This makes me very happy.




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                                Hello all,


                                We have a product demo to be created for an application that will run on an android device.

                                The application has the desktop version as well as a mobile version. The mobile version of the application can be run on a desktop and so Captivate 6 can record it.


                                When the recording is published in HTML5 the audio gets clipped on some slides (TTS audio), the html background color is lost, the plabar is unusually large.


                                We want to know the best practices for:

                                • Figuring out the ideal screen size of the capture ( Used Video Apple iphone3 640*480)
                                • Testing the HMTL5 output on a mobile device
                                • Adding audio  generated through TTS
                                • Using the characters from CP6


                                Although the HTML5 tracker does not show any unsupported objects in the project the audio, the playbar does not display as expected in the HTML5 output.


                                We are on Captivate 6 and Win7.

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                                  I find publishing to HTML5 to be quite unstable which is unfortunate because it looks superior to the Flash format and we have a demand for iPad output.


                                  I've encountered two main problems.

                                  1. An imported .mp4 video (Multi-slide synchronized video) will play its audio but not display its video portion.

                                  2. The same type of video will loop once. The video portion repeats without the audio.


                                  After this happens, the file will never publish HTML5 correctly again. It is somehow corrupted. I can still publish other formats correctly so it does not seem to be the Captivate file that's corrupted. In fact, it also work fine in Preview. Just not when Publish.


                                  I have tried deleting the slide, creating a new one, reimporting the video, and it still breaks.

                                  I have tried creating a new project. If only the affected slide is in the project it works. But start copying the rest of the slides into the project and it breaks.


                                  The biggest problem is that the behavior is so unpredictable. I can go for several projects with no problem and then it crops ups again.


                                  I frequently clear the cache. And I also always choose "Force re-publish all the slides".


                                  Is anyone else having a similar problem? Any suggestions?

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                                    Sankaram Adobe Employee

                                    Hi msinclairstevens,

                                           May I know your versions of Captivate6 and IOS? Captivate 6 version should be & IOS >5.1. If you still see the issue, is it possible to share your captivate project with us? you can upload to workspaces.acrobat.com and send me a link.




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                                      Hello Sankaram,


                                      I am having an issue with the HTML5 version of a program I have designed.


                                      My flv version works perfectly.  I have tried 100s of workarounds to get my flv version to function similarly to my swf version.


                                      there is nothing in HTML5 tracker

                                      I am using v

                                      there is really nothing going on in my projects except mp4 videos and images syncing in the timeline to appear at certain times (slide overlay so to speak).


                                      The only issue that is outstanding is as follows:


                                      the end of the mp4 prog DL video gets snipped off by a vaying degree each time.  I have extended the time that the slide that has the vid on it displays.  But ... the vid still ends early and the slide just shows for X seconds longer after the video ends early.


                                      here is a link to a small chunk of my project:




                                      really - the only issue that I am concerned with is the fact that my vids are ending abrupty