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    Interacting w Server/Encountered a sharing violation


      This happens only too many times, sometimes I have to shut down DWCS6 and lose my work because of this and the Server Busy errors.


      DW CS6

      Local = Windows 7

      Remote server = Apache, Linux


      It happens when I upload ("put").


      Settings are set to pretty minimal settings.

      Save on upload.

      Only one server is configured.

      Do not maintain notes.

      Do not maintain sync info.


      BW = 5,6+ mbps.


      No real other activity is going on with the CPU.


      Mostly I get the message is that DW is interacting with server.

      Sometimes I get the sharing violation.


      This happened with DWCS5.5, but not nearly as much.


      Not repeatable but happens only too often.


      All files are readable locally, and writeable remotely.


      If you have any ideas, please let me know because my productivity is down and cussing up.