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    CMYK White Elements Don't Print

    vernehenzel Level 1

      I have an Illustrator CS5 logo with a tagline beneath that is converted to outlines, all in white, zero values for all four channels. There aren't any FX, graphic styles or anything applied to them, nor are there any bitmaps. They're just compound and simple paths filled with white. The logo previews in the print dialog box and prints, but the tagline below doesn't appear in either case.


      I tried several things, like the deconstruction of the letters to simple paths, which showed everything as simple paths but  nothing came of that. I also tried coloring everything with "White2" swatch, resaving the .EPS as .AI and .PDF, changing the size of the artboard, reverting to legacy, copy/paste to a new file, etc. Finally...I tried converting the CMYK file and graphics to RGB and it all previewed/printed. What's going on?


      I am on a MacBook Air with Lion 10.7.3. There's no print driver yet for our Canon; so I'm using a generic PostScript driver for the time being (betting this is the culprit). There are a tremendous number of print options that I don't have time to test, unless someone has insight into the problem and can direct me to the issue.


      Thanks in advance for any and all help.