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    Overclocked GTX 670 Card

    LancFM104 Level 1

      Is it worth getting an overclocked GTX 670 card compared to the standard card?  That is, will it have an significant effect with Premiere Pro, particularly with CUDA acceleration?



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          db2012_02 Level 1

          I'd be interested in knowing this as well. Is it also a real thermal consideration to have these OC'd cards?

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Differences will be marginal, so if the price difference is marginal too, it is worth it, if there is a clear difference in price and a hardly noticeable performance gain, then no. In this short list of 670 cards, the Palit and Gainward cards @1.006 GHz look attractive.


            17-6-2012 11-43-15.png

            These last two choices are hardly more expensive than some other cards @ 915 MHz.


            The performance gain will be best noticeable when you do a lot of MPEG2-DVD encoding from HD material (scaling), or do FPS adjustments (frame blending) on export, since both are accelerated and when you use Maximum Render Quality.