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    Overclocked GTX 670 Card


      Is it worth getting an overclocked GTX 670 card compared to the standard card?  That is, will it have an significant effect with Premiere Pro, particularly with CUDA acceleration?



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          db2012_02 Level 1

          I'd be interested in knowing this as well. Is it also a real thermal consideration to have these OC'd cards?

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Differences will be marginal, so if the price difference is marginal too, it is worth it, if there is a clear difference in price and a hardly noticeable performance gain, then no. In this short list of 670 cards, the Palit and Gainward cards @1.006 GHz look attractive.


            17-6-2012 11-43-15.png

            These last two choices are hardly more expensive than some other cards @ 915 MHz.


            The performance gain will be best noticeable when you do a lot of MPEG2-DVD encoding from HD material (scaling), or do FPS adjustments (frame blending) on export, since both are accelerated and when you use Maximum Render Quality.