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    Photoshop coloring and layer group issue


      Hello there this is my very first post but I really need some advice here.

      I am using WIndows 7, I have Photoshop CS5.5 and am improving a bit in my digital illustration/coloring. I was experimenting with organization by using layer groups. When I did this and began to work on the colors, I noticed them behaving very poorly. For one thing, they always came out brighter than I intended. No matter how I tried to darken the colors, they always either fixed to a certain tint or just got brighter when I tried to darken them. I noticed them interacting with the colors on all of the other layers, even with layers outside of the group. So to get around that I tried erasing wherever colors overlapped. This did not help, it only removed the mixing of colors, I still have really bright colors on everything I paint. I did notice though that when outside of a layer group, all of the colors behaved normally! Yes I know I can just keep the colors out of the group folder to fix the problem, but I want to learn from this experience. Why do the colors misbehave within layer groups? Why do they respond with a transparent nature(for lack of a better term)? And is there a way around that?


      I did check the opacity of everything and everything was at 100%. I did checkk the blending mode of the group and the individual layers, I had them all set to normal.

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          Sharon Huang Level 3

          Hi CorbinWells

          It sounds like your brush mode may have been changed to screen or brighten. It sould be set to normal to get your desired results.




          I understand that you said all your layers and groups are set to normal. So I the above solution might help. If not, please attach some screenshots so we can understand more what's going on.


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            CorbinWells Level 1

            So in my blunder, I managed to overlook one thing and that was the actual group opacity!

            So while everything was on normal as I suspected, and all the layers themselves were at 100% opacity, the folder, for some reason when created, had an opacity of 46%. I pushed it up to 100 and problem solved! I'm...I'm going to go crawl under a rock now in shame