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    Premiere Pro CS6 inserts a frame out of sequence

    Andy Post Level 1

      I'm editing a video (duh) and I see a sudden jog in a clip.  The clip was created in a Canon 5D Mk II.  The jog doesn't show up when I play it as a quicktime, but does show up in the premier sequence.  When I run frame by frame to see what the mysterious blip is, I can see that it's a frame from earlier in the clip. 


      I can cut the one frame out, and it looks fine, but would really like to not have to do that.  I did try to add the clip to a new sequence, even into a new project.  No joy. 


      IF I can't find a fix, can you tell me how to recombine the now cut up clip back into a single clip?


      That's it, share your thoughts.