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    submitting iOS app to AppStore - Distribution certificate?!


      I have finished developing the first version of my iOS app, and continued to complete all the necesarry steps in Itunes Connect and began uploading my app through the mac's os AppLoader. What consequently turned out to be the problem is that my app which was published in Adobe Flash Proffesional 6 was configured under a development certificate (in the deployment tab) and not a distribution certificate needed to publish it to the App Store. I generated such a certificate on a Mac and tried using it in my project through Flash 6 on my PC, however a password is needed to publish the app.


      I have several questions concerning this issue :

      1) Is there a way to generate a distribution certificate on my PC (not through a mac)?

      2) these distribution certificates are .cer extensions - in FLASH you are instructed to browse for .p12 certificates.

      3) If i can use the distribution certificate created in the mac computer in my project on my Windows PC, where can i figure out the password it requires me to enter?



      This is a very frustrating matter, Adobe if you can upload a Distribution Tutorial for Publishing to App Store that would help many people dealing with the same problem...currently there is only a tutorial on how to create a .p12 development certificate...






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          royhermann Level 1

          currently found a tutorial (on adobe)...working through it..still would like answers to those questions though.


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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            1.  yes, but it's much more difficult than doing it on a mac.  in fact, i believe you will have to emulate a mac to do it.

            2.  when you create your .p12 file in keychain you enter an password.  (there's no reason to use a different passwords for development and distribution.)


            1. Go to the https://developer.apple.com/devcenter/ios/index.action using a Mac computer or a virtual Mac
            2. Log-in.
            3. Click on the iOS Dev Center link. 
            4. Click iOS Provisioning Portal link.  (See Fig08-04.)
            5. Click the Certificates link in the left panel.
            6. Click the Distribution tab in the right panel.
            7. Click the Request Certificate button in the right panel.
            8. Follow the directions using Keychain Access to create your distribution Certificate.  (See Fig 08-05.)  Apple has easy-to-follow directions to create a Certificate Signing Request that is used to create your Certificate. The steps needed to create a Certificate Signing Request appear in the right panel after step 7.  The only part I stumble on is when instructed to open Certificate Assistant.  You will find it at the top left of your Mac's screen after clicking Keychain Access, not in the Keychain Access window. 
            9. The right panel should change to show your Certificate is Pending Issuance.  Refresh the page and you should see Your Certificate is Issued and read for download. (See Fig08-06.) 
            10. Download your ios_distribution.cer by clicking the download button.
            11. Download an AppleWWDRCA.cer by clicking the "*If you do not have the WWDR intermediate certificate installed, click here to download now." link.
            12. Open both files in Keychain Access (using the login Keychain). 
            13. Right click your private key in Keychain Access (you may need to expand the iPhone Developer certificate shown in your Keychain Access window) and click Export.  Make sure File format is Personal Information Exchange (.p12) and click Save.  You will be prompted for a password that you must remember.  You will use that password each and every time you publish an iOS game and you will use your .p12 (distribution Certificate) file for all the apps/games you distribute (until your Certificate expires and you pay another $99 and follow these steps again).
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              royhermann Level 1

              thx kglad...there for my rescue yet again

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                you're welcome.


                p.s.  that list is from a book i'm writing.  i noticed a few typos where i mentioned development and it should say distribution.  (the steps are the same for a distribution certificate and for a development certificate except for the different tabs clicked in a few steps.)