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    10-minute PPro CS5 project locks up

    RankinImagery Level 1

      My 10 minute project locks up (goes into a 'not responding' status) when I attempt almost any action (i.e. right click on a clip, move a clip, open a title page).  It will stay in the 'not responding' status for up to 10 minutes.  Then when another command is attempted, boom, back into 'not responding' status.  Nothing was added to the timeline prior to this problem.  No new software added to the Hard drive.  All other Premiere projects operate normally.


      This project has a lot of title pages and it is 1080 HD placed on a SD timeline. All clips are MP4 format.  No mixed formats.   Never any problems before or on other projects.


      The Task Manager shows CPU at 12-13% constantly, with every other  core (total of 8) showing activitiy.    Physical memory being used is 22%.


      I am totally confounded by this problem.


      i7 CPU 2600 @3.5 ghz

      8GB ram

      Windows 7 64 bit