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    Premiere Pro CS6 - playback and C300 issues




      I seem to be having an issue with Premiere Pro playback.


      At the moment, I'm looking through a rough assemble I've done on a PPro sequence and then the playback will start getting choppy. The only solution seems to be rebooting PPro, which is obviously very frustrating. The footage is C300 files, stored on my RAID. Why is this happening?


      My system details are as follows:


      MBP early 2011, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD

      6TB Pegasus R6 RAID connected via Thunderbolt

      30" ACD

      Mac OS 10.7.4 , PPro 6.0.1


      I use a 2-screen setup, so the 30" monitor will have the PPro tools and seq etc, whilst I use the 17" MBP screen as a viewing monitor.



      Another issue I had which is more annoying that anything is that when I imported the rushes from my C300, PPro decided to import a fairly long (80") interview as loads of separate .MXF files RATHER than joining them together, which FCP seemed to have no problem in doing...How do I sort that out?