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    Having trouble publishing my movie of buttons




      I have created a movie of buttons attaching the AS code snippet "click to go to web page" to each button.  When I publish the movie and insert the code in my HTML document, the URLs will not work?? 


      But, when I test the movie in Flash, the buttons work just fine.  Also, if I open the SWF file, it gives me a popup box that says something about Adobe Flash Player Secruity.  Says to click on Settings and then reload the file, but it never works???


      This is what I have tried so far and it's not much:


      1.  Checked to make sure that the URL information was correct. 


      2.  Tried creating a new document with a copy of just one of the buttons that I have made and attach just the URL link under options in the Properties panel to it and that does not even work??  I didn't do it that way because I don't like how it puts the underline under the words when creating the URL, but thought I would see if it worked that way and it didn't??  


      Not sure why the movie will not work when I publish it? 


      Question, I should not see the actual AS code snippet in the published file, correct (the code I'm copying and pasting into my HTML document)? 


      If any of you guys have any idea of what is happening, I would very much appreciate your input!