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    AutoFX DreamSuite - Need to back-up presets for new Photoshop install... How do I do this?

    Todd-sta Level 1

      Hi good people.


      I am about to install a new motherboard/boot-drive and of course, reinstall all my programs including Photoshop.  I have a Photoshop plugin program called AutoFX DreamSuite which many of you are probably using, or aware of.


      I would like to save all my filter 'presets' I have created in DreamSuite, but cannot see how to do this.  I have searched the software manufacturer's site.... googled the topic, etc - to no avail.


      Anybody know how I can do this so that when I reinstall PS... and then install DreamSuite plugin, I can quickly copy over my DreamSuite presets and be ready to rock and roll?