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    Can PrE do multiple specific frame searches?

    unkle adobe

      I'm trying to find a not too expensive editing program, possibly PRE 10, that will allow me to do a search in a video for specific frame locations based on criteria within a frame. I've done exhaustive searching on web to no avail so far. I've been using Corel Videostudio which doesn't have anything like that.


      Specifically I want to search the infamous Norwegian Bergne/Oslo train ride video, all seven hours of it. The video consists of the uninterrupted train ride, which by itself is great to watch except for one thing.


      Every time the train passes into a tunnel, or reaches a town, a blue sign drops down from the top of the screen with the location's name. That's not so bad, but then someone has inserted a very loud gong sound at that moment, totally destroying the relaxing ambience of the video.


      What I want to do is find each occurrance of this event, which is about four seconds long, and replace the audio gong sound with either silence or filler. The bad part is that there are easily a hundred plus of these, probably over 200.


      So I'm hoping that some program, somewhere, would be able to either find all of them at once, or quickly 'step' forward to each so I don't have to slowly play the video, stop, insert, hoping I don't miss one, etc. It would search keying on either something in the video frame like the big blue sign, or the sound, it really doesn't matter what.


      I've broken the video up into 30 minute segments to make editing easier and faster.


      Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I know of no NLE program, that offers the ability to match, or search frames. While I have not used them all, and some many versions ago, I do not recall such a function in AVID (Liquid, or Composer), PrPro, Pinnacle Studio, Magix MovieEdit Pro or CyberLink's PowerDirctor.


          There might be some forensic programs, that can do this, but not sure that anyone, outside of law enforcement would have access to it.


          Maybe others know of such software.


          In PrE, about the best that I can think of is to use the Jog Shuttle in the Program Monitor, and visually watch, as the footage goes by very quickly, stopping when one reaches a tunnel, or town.


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            Try expanding the height of the audio track so that you can see the wave form clearly and then look for sudden peaks that might be the gongs. Or you could extract the audio and use the GPL (i.e. free) Audacity audio software to view the wave form in a much larger window - it might make the searching easier.


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