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    Screwy lag


      I license flash games from developers and found that a game on my site <http://www.andkon.com/arcade/adventureaction/bulletthebountyhunter/> was lagging in between levels/screens for about three seconds, although other games have lag as well so it's not game-specific. I'm using Win7/64-bit Flash 11.3, lag was on all browsers even though Chrome seemed a bit less laggy. To see the two-three second lag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1XW0qb8yds


      To make a long story short, I uploaded the original viral version of the game to my site and even without it being embedded on a page, the same lag issue occurs for me: <http://www.andkon.com/bulletthebountyhunter_orig.swf> So it's not other stuff on a page and it's not a sitelocking issue.


      I had a hunch to remove htaccess redirects that redirected all non-www pages to www ones. So I discovered that <http://andkon.com/bulletthebountyhunter_orig.swf> without the www does NOT produce any lag for me! Why?


      I tested this on another domain:





      However, both files work without any lag, with or without www.


      The game developer tested the same www address on the same Win7/64-bit system with Flash 11.3 but found no lag. So... why is this only happening to me, on just the www version of my site? Odd, no? BTW: I tested the lagging page on Vista with Flash 11.2 AND 11.3 but neither has lag. When on the original machine, I downgraded back to Flash 11.2, the lag went away again. (Also, the local copy of the game does not have lag either.)


      Is <http://www.andkon.com/bulletthebountyhunter_orig.swf> producing that same lag for others???