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    mirror image


      Can photoshop touch do mirror images ?  I want to take the left half of a facial picture and transpose it so it would show what your face would look like if it was to left halves or two right halves.  It shows facial asymmetry.  Can this be done with that program ?

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          I was going to suggest using the "Flip Horizontal" command under "&" in the upper right, but that seems to flip the entire project rather than the currently-selected layer. Bug, maybe?


          Another way is to use the transform tool (looks like a cross in the upper right), but you'll have to turn off lock aspect (looks like chainlinks with brackets around them). Tap and swipe the left or right handle on the edge of the image to eventually "flip" the image. Not perfect but I guess it can work.

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            I can't find a toolthat will do what you asked in one stroke, but I have tried it out with layers and the Transform' tool:


            1. Load your image

            2. Duplicate layer (image)

            3. Select the new layer

            4. Select the Transform tool (cross-hair logo on the top right of the screen)

            5. Select the horizontal flip tool (left-most tool on the pop-up tool bar at the bottom)

            6. Select 'Done'

            7. Use the Rectangular Marquee tool to select half of the image

            8. Use the Eraser tool to remove selected area


            You are now left with an image whereby half is the original (erased part),and half is the image flipped horizontally.

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              Sharon Huang Level 3


              Currently there is no mirror image option in Photoshop Touch, but you can achieve the same result with what Warunicorn and thtleung suggested. You could also go to this link below to create an idea for potential Photoshop Touch app improvements in the future.






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                David__B Adobe Employee

                How about this


                1. Open your image, Select All using the Selection menu (dotted rectangle with gear in the lower right)

                2. Transform the Selection (same menu), divide the width in half add 2, 252 in this case, with the snap (Magnet icon with the checkmark) enabled and the Link disabled (chain link broken), reposition the selection to the area you want to keep and mirror


                (click on images to view larger)






                3. Select Copy and then Paste from the menu icon of the Pen to create a new layer of just part of the image you'll be mirroring.




                4. Next make a copy of the layer you just created using the "Duplicate Layer" that comes up when clicking the  + button at the bottom of the layer stack




                5. With one of the newly created layers selected, use the Move Tool Menu at the top (Plus sign with arrows on the tips), select the flip axis option, then repostion in the layer to the correct location on the opposite side.




                6. You should end up with something like this. You'll want to turn off visibility on the original background layer. I marked the menu options you choose for steps 1 and 5.



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