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    SharedObject being set in swf A, check SharedObject in swf B

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      Hi guys,
      I haven't done any real work with sharedObjects so forgive me if the answer is obvious.

      I am setting a SharedObject in swf 'A' if and i want to check it is set in swf 'B'
      Both swf's are in the same folder space.

      I have been messing with it the past couple of days but i cant get it to read what is set in swf 'A'.
      i am able to read in swf 'B' what was set in swf 'A'?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          from the flash help files:

          You can reduce the likelihood that you will inadvertently restrict access to a shared object by using the localpath parameter. The most permissive option is to set the localPath parameter to "/", which makes the shared object available to all SWF files in the domain, but increases the likelihood of name collisions with other shared objects in the domain. More restrictive options are available to the extent that you can append the localPath parameter with folder names that are contained in the full path to the SWF file; for example, your localPath parameter options for the portfolio shared object created by the SWF file at www.myCompany.com/apps/stockwatcher.swf are: "/"; "/apps"; and "/apps/stockwatcher.swf". You need to determine which option provides optimal flexibility for your application.