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    Saving from Camera Raw 6.7

    davescm Adobe Community Professional

      I recently updated to Camera Raw 6.7 (within CS5) and I am having a problem saving files.


      I open a raw file then use Save Image and try and save as a TIFF file.


      If I use the same directory the image saves as a *.tif without any problem - however if I try and save to a new location then I am running into trouble.


      The new location when selected does not appear in the "Save As " dialogue and when I try and save the image I get an error message saying the "File could not be created"


      Any help appreciated - I have used this method in previous versions without a problem.




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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          After a bit more playing around I can get this to work - although it still acts strangely.


          If, from the Save As dialogue box in ACR I click on "Select folder" and navigate to a new folder then press "Select" , the Save as dialogue re-appears but without any folder path shown. If I try and save the image at that point I get the error message.


          However if instead of trying to Save the image I re-click on "Select Folder" and then click on "select" again, without changing anything, then the Save As dialogoue box re-appears but this time with the new folder path shown. If I now save the image it works.


          Strange behaviour - but work-able. 


          If it helps , I am using CS5 (12.04), ACR 6.7 on a 32-bit Vista system with SP 2



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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Seems to me problems have been reported with the Save in New Location feature for quite a while - going all the way back to the first release of CS5 as I recall, if not before.  I don't ever recall anyone getting to the bottom of what's going on (though of course I could have missed it).


            I think the fact that you've found a workaround is great.  Assuming someone from Adobe takes another look at the software with this issue in mind, your workaround could very well give them critical help with their investigation.



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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              Thanks Noel,

              As you say, hopefully this will help get to the root of the problem. In the meantime at least I can once again save a set of images as a group direct from ACR without having to open the images in Photoshop and use Save As on each image from there, which is what I originally ended up doing as a workaround.